Are You Using the iGO Admin Tool? – August 2020

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Are You Using the iGO Admin Tool? – August 2020

The iGO Admin Tool is one of the most used, and most crucial, support tools that every company should have in their back pocket, or front office.


The iGO Admin Tool is something that our support staff uses for about 60-70% of our iGO related cases, and is one of the easiest and most powerful tools we have. We made this tool available to you because we realized its potential, and we couldn’t keep all the fun stuff to ourselves! This tool allows you to gain powerful insight into the status of applications going through your iGO profile and allows you to action these applications as well while they are going through the signature process.


What might the user say to indicate that you need to login to the iGO Admin Tool?

“I thought I was done with the application, but I don’t have any signature emails.”

“I signed, but the carrier doesn’t have my application. Can you find it?”

“I forgot my PIN and can’t access my application to sign!”

“I think I spelled my client’s name wrong, can you check for me?”


I know what you are thinking; Here we go, an article about something I need to do instead of what my users could be doing. Au contraire! Think of the iGO admin tool as something to use in connection with some of the other features we have reviewed, like Case Details. The iGO admin tool gives you an initial view into what is happening in the life cycle of an application, provides real time details on what the user needs to do to complete the process, and provides a learning opportunity for you and your users. Once you know what the resolution is, you know what to coach the user to do or where to direct them to take action themselves.

One of the training mentalities we adopt is to not only help the user through the request, but to empower them to not need our help next time this situation comes up, and we are now empowering you to empower your users! Phew, that was a mouthful. Why is this so important? Because it allows you to have the first and maybe only interaction needed with the user to resolve the issue which creates a more seamless process for the user and an overall better user experience. Think about how much user adoption of the system would increase if users only need to interact with you and your teams once!

Don’t worry, using the iGO admin tool doesn’t mean that you can’t call us or email us. We still want to hear from you and we will be there for you when you need us. Using the

iGO admin tool just gives you an edge when it comes to being able to assist your users and keep them happy.


So what can it even do? I am glad you asked. Using the iGO admin tool allows you to search by the name of the Proposed Insured or User/Agent, view live details about an application and perform actions to help get that application through the signature process. These actions include resending signature emails, unlocking locked out PINs, un-expiring signature emails that were not signed within 5-7 days and resending direct links to the signature process from an alternate email address. Check out these articles to see all of the functionality.


What can’t you do? You cannot enter the application process as the agent, you cannot make changes to the application, you cannot make changes to the email addresses or PINs and you cannot currently view the PDF. We are always looking for ways to enhance our tools to better meet your needs, so please head to our Idea Exchange if you have some requests for what we should add to the iGO Admin Tool!


Why do internal users struggle with the iGO Admin Tool?

It is rare that we see anyone struggle with using the iGO Admin Tool. If you can type in a search field, click a button, and use a drop down, you have nothing to fear. What we do see occasionally is not being able to find an application, not understanding the status of an application or not finding an agent when using the agent search feature. Check out this article for more details on not being able to find an application.

In order to find an agent using the agent search feature, you need to be using Single Sign On and feeding in the first and last name of the user OR users have to login to iGO, and update the Welcome area with their first and last name. Check out this article to see how to search by agent name!

Sometimes, internal users think the iGO admin tool is the place to go for reporting on iGO applications or trending insights on applications, but the iGO Admin Tool is a tool to be used for actioning applications in the signature process or gaining insight into the status of an application. If you are seeking reporting, then please check out InsureSight.


Check out these articles on our Customer Portal for the iGO Admin Tool:

iGO Admin Tool Articles

Resending Signature Emails with the iGO Admin Tool


How can I submit ideas for future enhancements or article ideas?


Submit your ideas on how to improve the iGO Admin Tool.

Not sure what to submit? Here is an example: I always forget my PIN, can you text it to me? (Yes, for some carriers, we can do that now!)


We look forward to empowering you and helping increase your user adoption!


Thank you,

iPipeline Support

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