Control, Control, Control. – September 2020

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Control, Control, Control. – September 2020

Learn to take control of the carriers and products shown to your users through our various solutions, and discover the customization you can complete!


iService is your administration tool to control what carriers and products are shown to users, but it can also be an area where you customize certain options for your tools. You control who your iService administrators are, what actions your users can take for certain tools, and keep track of what products your users are exposed to.


What might the user say to indicate that you need to login to iService?

“I ran a quote and I am not seeing an option to apply through iGO”

“I am trying to find paper forms for a new Term product, but they aren’t showing up”

“Why isn’t this carrier showing up in my quote results?”

“Is there a way to limit my quote results to just the top 10?”

“Can I just search for the one form I need?”


If you are thinking to yourself this isn’t something I can direct my users to and is something I need to do, you are correct, but hang in there with me. Taking advantage of iService regularly and learning all of its benefits is going to end up creating an overall positive user experience and give you a better understanding of what is available and where to go to resolve certain issues or requests.


One of the most common actions in iService, and one of the first experiences you will have with it, is choosing which carriers and products are available to your users through each of our solutions. This means that you select which products show for forms, quoting, product information, underwriting guidelines, iGO and Illustrations. These areas are the first places you want to check if users are stating they cannot see certain carriers or products. The iService home page is a notification page as well as that can alert you to new products or rate changes, so its worth logging in to make sure you are up to date on product availability!


Along with being able to control carriers and products, you can manage which of your internal users will be able to login to iService and what actions they can perform. Adding

users is easy, and with our newer permissions you can choose if those internal users can manage other users, have a view only access or are able to make changes.


If that’s not enough, iService allows you to customize certain User Interface features, like search options for the quoting tool and which ways a user can search on the forms tool – by form, with an advanced search, or with other criteria. This allows you to customize the experience based off feedback from your users. Just keep in mind, changes made show to all of your users. If you are feeling technical and adventurous, you can also add in custom HTML to certain tools. Check these articles out to get a better sense of what can be changed for forms or quoting.


iService is continuously being adapted and upgraded, so if you do not access it regularly we highly suggest you do!


Why do internal users struggle with iService?

The most common reason internal users struggle with iService is that they do not access it enough, or do not review any training materials before they access. Our customer portal has an entire section on iService and is a great place to refresh yourself or your team.

We have also noticed that internal users leave the company or are replaced, but their replacement is just not sure where to start. We are happy to help you adjust your iService users and send out information on most common actions in iService. We can even walk you through how to manage the system. We want to make sure that you are setup for success!


Check out these articles on our Customer Portal for iService:

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How can I submit ideas for future enhancements or article ideas?


Submit your ideas on how to improve the iService experience.

Not sure what to submit? Here is an example: I always forget my PIN, can you text it to me? (Yes, for some carriers, we can do that now!)


We look forward to empowering you and helping increase your user adoption!


Thank you,

iPipeline Support

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