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SMTP on AlphaTrust Servers

Q. Does the SMTP service need to be on the server itself? Or is there a config file that we can point to a SMTP service?

A. SMTP enabled is required if you are going to have any emails sent out by AlphaTrust. However you can deny all incoming SMTP traffic if you want and outgoing traffic can be relayed and authenticated into an exchange/mail server using the Smart Host feature (as shown below).

Adding a Smart Host

Add authentication to the Smart Host


Do signed documents ever get deleted on the AlphaTrust server? Can I manage this somehow?

Document Retention and Deletion
By default, (for both on-prem and SaaS) all documents are retained within the AlphaTrust e-Sign Server indefinitely. There are a couple of ways to control document deletion, however

  1. On each transaction you may specify an absolute date to delete a Completed document. This is the DeleteDate property found on the DocumentInsertModel (
  2. There is a field in the Group tab of the Control Panel when you are editing your Group’s properties that this Completed Document Retention value can be set group-wide so you don’t have to set it on a transaction by transaction basis. The number you enter is the number of days after the transaction has been completed before it will be purged from the system permanently.

For on-prem servers, you can also set the purging of Cancelled and Expired documents, as well, from within the \AlphaTrust\Pronto\Programs\ProntoConfig.ini file.

ProntoDeleteFailedTransactionFiles – if a transaction has failed (i.e. status is Closed(7), Cancelled(8), or Expired(9), then the transaction directories and files will be deleted. This conserves file space. NOTE: the Pronto database information for the transaction is never deleted, just the document files and their associated directories.

ProntoDeleteFailedTransactionFilesWaitInDays – number of days to waitbefore deleting failed transaction files if “ProntoDeleteFailedTransactionFiles=1”. The minimum is 1 day. The default is 7 days.