How Do I Get Set-up with Calcstorm?

To get set-up, first reach out to our sales team to discuss pricing and contracts. For a more detailed list of instructions, click here.

How do I upload new rates?

Uploading new rates can be done by uploading an updated spreadsheet. For a full list of steps, click here.

I uploaded new rates, but they are not working when tested.

When testing, you may have forgotten to select a necessary field. If the rates are not active yet, you may have forgotten to select ForTestingOnly. Click here for information about testing new rates.

Can I upload rates ahead of a release?

Yes. Simply create a version with the necessary release date, upload the new rates and you are all set. You will also need to set the deactivation date of a previous version to make sure it is no longer active. For more information, click here.

What if I need to add a new product to my instance of CalcStorm?

Our content team can add and set up new products for your company. Reach out to the team by emailing

What if I need to update the calculation of rates for my company?

To update any calculation, reach out to our content team to discuss what changes are necessary. You can send an email to

Can defaults be set so they don’t have to be selected for each rate change?

There is not an option to set defaults, however if you copy a previous version, all settings, including states and notes, will be retained. This prevents you from having to select them for each update. Click here for information about copying a version.