When Will I Receive My First e-Delivery?

If you are a Distributor who is interested in using DocFast for e-Delivery, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Contact your Carrier to Sign Up

Contact your Carrier representative to let them know you are interested in using DocFast for your Agency.  The carrier will provide you separate instructions on how to register.

Step 2: Sign the iPipeline Licensing Agreement

During the carrier registration process, you will be asked to sign the iPipeline License Agreement. The agreement will be sent to the primary contact entered during the registration process. The agreement must be completed before your Agency is setup for e-Delivery.

Note: Existing iPipeline customers do not need to sign the Agreement.

Step 3: Log into DocFast for your First e-Delivery

When your first e-Delivery is sent to your organization, the case manager assigned to the policy receives an email from iPipeline to access the document. The case manager needs to click the link in the email which will bring them to a DocFast registration page so that they can set up their user account. Once their user account is created, the case manager can log into DocFast to approve their first document.

How Do I Transfer a Document to a New Distributor Case Manager?

If you are a Distributor Case Manager who needs to assign a document delivery to another Case Manager at your agency (new or existing user), follow our steps here.

How Do I Log Into DocFast for my First e-Delivery?

If you are a new Distributor or Agent who is ready to log in for your first e-Delivery, follow our steps here.

How Do I Electronically Sign and Deliver the Policy to My Client?

As the agent, you will receive an email from either the carrier or agency which will include a link for you to access and sign the policy. For instructions on signing and sending the policy, click here.

My Client Hasn’t Received the Policy Email to Sign, How Do I Resend It?

If a client states they haven’t received an email to sign their policy, as the agent, you can log in to DocFast using the email you received, to resend the email to your client. For instructions on how to resend a policy email, click here.

Why can’t I see older policies in my Dashboard?

If there are policies missing from your Dashboard, click on the Filters button and adjust the time frame from Last 90 days to All. The system defaults to only show policies within the last 90 days. The Filters option will also allow you to configure how many cases per page show on your Dashboard.