How Do I Log Into GoodData for the First Time?

To log into GoodData for the first time, follow our instructions here.

Note: You must first have the iPipeline support team create your account. For more information about requesting an account see our article here.

How Frequently Is the Data Updated?

Data is uploaded to GoodData once per day between the hours of 1:00-5:00AM ET. iGO, Illustrations and Policy Holder Services transactions from the previous day will be accessible for reports and dashboards starting at 5:00AM ET.

Which iPipeline Products Can I Report On?

With GoodData, the following products are available for reporting:

  • iGO
  • Illustrations*
  • Police Holder Services*

*Only available for Carriers

Each iPipeline product in which you are currently subscribed (iGO, Illustrations, Policy Holder Services) will be organized in a separate dashboard. To change the dashboard, select the product from the available menu.

How Do I Switch from Production to UAT Data?

Switching between UAT and Production data is limited to Carrier customers only.

To switch between projects, log into GoodData and select the project from the drop down menu on the top left of the screen. The dashboards refresh and display the reports for that environment.

Note: Need access to UAT? See How Do I Create a GoodData Account?

How Do I Access Different Reports?

Each dashboard contains multiple tabs, which organize the available reports.  To change the tab, click the title.

Carrier Customer View

BGA Customer View