What is E-Signature?

Electronic Signature is a fast secure way of sending your financial forms to be signed by your clients. Find out more about e-Signatures here.

What is In-Session Signing?

In Session Signing is when an Adviser and their client are together and they would like to Electronically Sign the documents immediately. This could also be referred to as In Person Signing. See our article for more information.


What If I Can’t Add Forms to Queue in Laser App Anywhere?

If you are unable to load forms to queue in Laser App Anywhere, it may be a browser-related issue. See our steps here to resolve different browsers issues.

What If I’m Having Session and Timeout Issues?

Laser App Anywhere has certain requirements for reliable operation. See our article on Session and Timeout Problems for more on potential issues and the requirements to avoid them.

Does Laser App Software offer Technical support for Mac Users?

Laser App Tech Support can only support users running a Windows operating system.  If you are experiencing issues with your virtual machine or need help installing the virtual machine, Laser App cannot provide support for this process.

Why Can’t I Print from Laser App While Using Parallels/Fusion?

The most common cause of this issue is that the Windows installation for your virtual machine has not been set up for printing. In both cases (Parallels and Fusion), there is a tools pack that you need to install to set up all the printing and networking functions. This will allow you to print to your local printers (plugged into your Mac directly) or your shared printers (out on the network). Contact support for either software (Parallels or Fusion) to make sure that printing has been set up correctly for your virtual machine.