What Browsers are Supported in LifePipe?

iPipeline’s goal is to support the most current version of the most popular web browsers, including:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (11, Edge)
  • Firefox (most recent and stable version)
  • Google Chrome (most recent and stable version)

**Not sure what browser you are using?  Click here

Note: Users with unsupported browsers or Compatibility View settings enabled will want to upgrade their browser to get the best user experience. Issues due to unsupported browsers will not be addressed while we continue to focus on improvements to the next generation user interface.

Can I Edit a Product Group or Remove it From the List?

Administrators can change a Product Group’s name, add or remove products from the group, or disable a Product Group so that it no longer displays in the Product Groups drop down in LifePipe. You can edit or disable Product Groups within iService.

See more information on editing or disabling a Product Group in our Add Product Groups to Your LifePipe Quote Engine article.

How Can I Quickly See the Top Products?

You can configure a “Top Results” search option to display either the top 5, 10, or 15 product results. This option must be turned on in iService to display as a search option in LifePipe.

Selecting this option within LifePipe returns a summarized report of the top 5, 10, or 15 products, by premium, for each selected term length and death benefit. The “Top Results” feature can be configured within iService by following the steps in the Set LifePipe Search, Output, and Term Length Options article.

Which carriers support instant decision underwriting?

As carriers add instant decision underwriting processes that leverage automated underwriting to their e-App and other processes very early in the lifecycle, iPipeline will add the rules for eligibility and the Instant Decision Elig tag on the LifePipe Quote results page.

View a list of active carriers with the instant decision elig. attribute available in LifePipe.

Why Does LifePipe Look Different Framed on My Website?

LifePipe uses a responsive user interface that will shift and move to display an optimal user experience based on both the resolution (e.g. height and width) and orientation (e.g. portrait and landscape) of the device. This allows LifePipe to provide the best possible experience across multiple devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

If LifePipe is embedded into your website using an iFrame, it is likely that your website is restricting the width of the page and adversely affecting the LifePipe user interface. To resolve this issue, follow the our steps here.

How Do I Add Custom Wording to the header in LifePipe?

LifePipe allows administrators to add instructional text and announcements to the LifePipe header. Each Profile ID can have a unique custom header. If you are a BGA or Carrier who wants to add custom header  to your LifePipe environment, follow our steps here.

How Do I Add Custom Colors (CSS) to LifePipe?

LifePipe allows users to customize the theme (e.g. text and button colors) of their environment to match their companies brand.  Each Profile ID can have a unique set of styling applied.  If you are a BGA or Carrier who wants to add custom styling to your LifePipe environment, follow our steps here.

How Can I Add My Company Logo to LifePipe?

LifePipe allows users to display a custom logo in the top left of the navigation header as well as the reports. You can add your company logo within iService. See our article on customizing the look of your quote engine for more information.

What Are Product Groups? How Can I Set Them Up?

Product Groups are pre-defined groups of products or carriers that narrow the product list that returns in the LifePipe search results. For example, a group can be created specifically for your Bank Channel Agents which represents only the products and carriers they are licensed to sell.  Alternatively, groups can be used to promote products or carriers most recommended by your Agency, based on convertibility or other product features you find important.

All configured Product Groups display in a Product Group dropdown available during search refinement and can be set up and managed from iService. See our article for more information on configuring product groups.

Note: Product Groups are visible to all users and cannot be locked down by user type.

How Do I Know Which Apply Options are Available for a Product?

Paper Forms, Drop Ticket, and e-Application apply options are supported for select products in LifePipe. Once you select a product from the search results, you can see which Apply options are available for the chosen product.

Choosing the e-Application or Drop Ticket options directs you to the iPipeline iGO eApp and pre-populates the case details screen with the information provided in LifePipe. Choosing the Paper Forms option directs you to the iPipeline FormsPipe application to download the application and all related forms for this product.