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What Browsers are Supported?
Forms is supported on the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (11, Edge)
  • Firefox (most recent and stable version)
  • Google Chrome (most recent and stable version)

See more about our browser certification.

Why Does Forms Look Different Framed on My Website?
If Forms is embedded into your website using an iFrame, it is likely that your website is restricting the width of the page and adversely affecting the Forms user interface. To resolve this issue, follow the our steps here.
Can I Change the Logo or Colors on My Forms Engine?
Yes! You can customize the wording or logo in the header, and add custom colors. See our instructions for customizing the look of your Forms Engine.
Can I Change the Search Options Available on My Forms Engine?
Yes! You can customize search options by setting search types (e.g. basic search, advanced search…etc.) and modifying the wording on search fields. See our instructions for how to customize search options.
Why Aren't My Products Listed?
If your products are not showing in the Select Products list, you may have to first add the corresponding Service Type.
Why Isn't a Specific Carrier Available?
If a specific carrier is not available, it may be that the carrier is not currently available to you, or you may have to first add the supplier.
How Do I Add Service Types?
You can add service types for the available Carriers. Service types should be added before products (i.e. forms). See our instructions for how to add service types.
How Do I Add Forms?
After you add service types, you can select the individual products for each carrier. See our instructions for how to add forms.
Can I Email Forms Packages from the Forms Engine?
Yes! You can choose to email forms packages from the Forms tool and customize various options. See our instructions for adding packaging options.
Can I Add Personalized Forms?
Yes! you can add personalized forms, such as a cover page, to any forms package. You can also create rules to identify which carrier(s) and product packages your form will be bundled with, or you can assign the form to your profile. See our instructions here.
Can I Remove a Document from My Customer Kit?
Yes! You can either temporarily remove, deactivate, or delete a document. See our instructions here.