Here Comes the iGO User Manual! – June 2020

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Here Comes the iGO User Manual! – June 2020

While helping users is nice, giving them the power to help themselves is twice as nice. We have received numerous requests to create content available for users, and we are thrilled to announce the iGO User Manual is now available!


Providing content to agencies and carriers has been a top priority for us over the past few years, but we realize that having content available to users is just as valuable. With this in mind, and the feedback we have received from customers, we created our iGO User Manual. The manual contains articles and videos related to iGO top questions and issues, so that users can review the content first, and potentially not need to contact anyone to complete their applications or signature processes.


What might the user say to indicate that they need help with iGO?

“I locked the application, what do I need to do next?”

“My clients and I have signed, what happens next?”

“My client cannot find their signature email. How do I resend it?”

“I am creating my first application, what can I expect?”


We realize that the Customer Portal is a powerful training resource that is continuously being updated and adapted for agency and carrier customers, but we understand there is a need to provide documentation and resources directly to users as well.


Based on our internal reporting on the most common issues and questions from users, as well as the most widely accessed content on the portal, we created an iGO User Manual that includes articles as well as videos that walk users through how to complete actions and answer questions. With this manual, we are hoping to empower users to use the tools to help them move through the application process without assistance.



If you have any ideas on what to add, or how to improve the iGO User’s Manual, please let us know by submitting your idea using the link to the Idea Exchange below!



Check out these articles available to you on our Customer Portal for iGO:

iGO Resources


How can I submit ideas for future enhancements or article ideas?


Submit your ideas on how to improve the iGO User Manual.

Not sure what to submit?

Here is an example: I always forget my PIN, can you text it to me? (Yes, for some carriers, we can do that now!)


We look forward to empowering you and helping increase your user adoption!

Thank you,

iPipeline Support

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