How Do I Sign This Thing? – March 2020

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How Do I Sign This Thing? – March 2020

Don’t let the last part of the application process get in your way!

Help with the Signature Process was our #2 cause for cases in 2019 and is consistently in our Top 5 items to assist users with. Let’s master another way to help users succeed.


What might the user say to indicate they need help with the signature process?

“I received an email that stated no further action was required, but I never signed”

“My application is locked; I should be done!”

“My client never received their email to sign.”

We are going to let you in on a training secret that ensures your team can walk anyone through the signature process. We have our new support representatives create a bunch of test applications to experience the process, we make them watch the videos on the iPipeline Customer Portal that walk through the signature process, and then we have them recite the signature process back to us by walking us through it. Basically, our secret sauce is exposure and repetition.

In order to help your users, it would be ideal if you could create a test application or two – without ordering any parameds inside the application – then test out some signature options. The top options tend to be Face to Face and Email signature, so we recommend becoming familiar with those. You can walk through the Face to Face signature process inside the application as the client, and you can send signature emails and sign as the client with the Email signature process.

*Please DO NOT sign as the agent, or your application might be submitted to the carrier! This is why we only test signing as the client.

Once you create a few test applications, its time to get some popcorn ready, watch a few videos and read a few short knowledge articles. These tell you what to expect with the signature process overall and take you through the Face to Face and Email Signature processes –

What to Expect with iGO E-Signature

Wait, did we just have you create test applications before taking any training? Yes! Why? So you can go through the process as your user’s might, and understand the confusion they might have when trying to navigate the signature steps without any guidance. This firsthand familiarity becomes invaluable when trying to help your users and lets you relate to them through shared experiences!

Finally, the most important step in the process: Explain the signature options to someone else and if you can’t find anyone… walk yourself through it!

Why do users struggle with the signature process?

There are a set of users that will create their first application without any training, and these users may miss instruction messaging or important wording in the application that relates to collecting signatures. Because of this, they become confused on what to expect, what their clients can expect, and how to help themselves through the process. The best way to assist these users is to walk them through the signature process they chose, and remind them to pay attention to the wording at the end of the application process when selecting their signature method and to any emails they receive. You can also encourage these users to take our weekly iGO training, available Thursdays at 3 PM EST. Click here to visit the registration page.

Another set of users have created hundreds of applications, but their current application might be missing signature options they are used to or might have new options they are not familiar with. We have created a sheet called Carriers Installed with iGO to help with this problem, and among other things, it lists out why some signature options might not be available for certain carriers –

Carriers Installed with iGO

Overall, we find that the signature process is not confusing, but different carriers have different options and processes so walking through them and walking your users through them is a solid way to understand the differences. It also doesn’t hurt to have your users take the training so they know what to expect!


Check out the articles on our Customer Portal for Help with the Signature Process:

What to Expect with iGO E-Signature

How to E-Sign An Application

Face to Face E-Signature

How can I submit ideas for future enhancements or article ideas?

Submit your ideas on how to improve the signature process.

Not sure what to submit? Here is an example: I always forget my PIN, can you text it to me? (Yes, for some carriers, we can do that now!)

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