UAT: July 7, 2018 | Production: 8/4/2018


In an effort to increase the speed and frequency of features and functionalities released to our customer base, we’ve adopted a “micro release” strategy to supplement our existing large, annual platform releases. Micro releases contain “low risk” features. These features are developed in such a way that they may be introduced to the production environment with minimal risk as they require explicit project configuration to be enabled. Micro releases do not require the full regression testing of the platform (historically characteristic of our large base releases). As a result, we do not ask or request our customers to test these releases.



  • Carrier PS teams can now define signatures that should not be cleared due to a workflow change (such as re-running an illustration).
  • Carriers with the iGO mobile iPad app can now configure push notifications alerting the user that there is a new version. The user will be blocked from proceeding until the user installs the new version.

  • We have made a few enhancements to our Document Authentication feature. Carriers with this feature can now take advantage of the following:
    • Pre-populate a phone number field using a number that was previously entered in the e-app.
    • Remove the options that would allow a user to select a picture from their gallery, photo library, or the cloud.
    • Users can choose between US drivers licenses or passports for their authentication document.



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