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What If I'm Unable to Log Into iGO?
Before contacting support, there are a few simple troubleshooting options you can try. See our full troubleshooting article.
How Do I Log into the iGO e-Signature Process?
Consumers, agents, and case managers have different processes for logging into the iGO e-signature process. See full article.
What If I'm Locked Out of the iGO Signature Process?
Consumers, Agents, and Case Managers are required to authenticate into the e-Signature process using a unique PIN, TIN, or SSN. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, access to the e-Signature process is temporarily disabled. To resolve this issue, follow these instructions.
The 4 digit e-Signature authentication number is pulled from information entered in the iGO e-App (e.g. the SSN field on the Proposed Insured screen). For this reason, you may want to go back to that screen, and verify that the Insured’s SSN was entered correctly.
How Can I Check Who Has Been Sent an Email on a Case?
Log into iGO e-App and navigate to the Email Sent screen. This displays all the signers that have been sent emails and the date it was sent.
What If the Agent or Client is Not Getting the Signature Email?
If the agent or client is not receiving the email, make sure they check their email junk/spam folder. If you are still unable to locate the signature email, please call support at 800-641-6557 (option 1).
How Can I Resend iGO e-Signature Emails?
There may be a case where you wish to resend an e-Signature email. You can easily do so with the e-Signature resend tool on the Case Details page in iGO. See our full article here.
What If My Client Has Signed, But I'm Not Able To?
There are many roles involved in the e-Signature process. All roles (such as proposed insured, payor, owner…etc.) must complete the e-Signature process before the agent can sign. Therefore, it is possible that the client has signed, but you are not yet able to because one of the other roles has not yet completed the e-Signature process.
How Do I Unlock a Case in iGO?
A case can be unlocked in iGO, but should be done with caution. Unlocking the application cancels any e-Signature process, removing all previously collected e-Signatures from the application/ticket forms. See full article.

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