InsureSight Data Factory


Personalized Data Sets, In Real-Time - Powered by Snowflake

The InsureSight Data Factory allows customers to self-serve their own data, in real-time, using their own BI and Reporting tools. This service is powered by Snowflake – a fully-managed data platform that delivers performance, scale, elasticity, and concurrency. This service is turn-key, with minimal setup costs and no IT involvement required to access and query iPipeline’s rich, normalized datasets for unlimited reporting flexibility. The following data sets are already available:

Data Sets Available

  • iGO
  • Illustrations
  • Resonant
  • DocFast
  • iSolve

Data Sets Coming Soon!

  • AMS
  • Quote
  • Formotiv

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See which features are available with the InsureSight Data Factory

Real-Time Data

Refresh your data as often as you want into your own reporting tools


Instant self-service for reporting, audits, and compliance

Data Integration

Integrate your data with your CRM or any third-party data

Hassel-Free Implementation

Go live day-one with no BRDs, sign off, or development wait times

No Hidden Costs

No professional services fees for custom report development

Low Code/No Code

No need to learn complex data models, SQL, or build an ETL

Questions About Our Data?

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Get access to your data in near-real time today. Refresh when you need and build your own reports.


Access to all your Life Insurance in Good Order (iGO®) Electronic Application Data, in near-real time, on a rolling 3-year basis. iGO® assures the accurate collection of data from insurance applicants. iGO® incorporates carrier logic into a clean, user-friendly interface to eliminate errors, positively impacting cycle times and placement ratios.

Tables Included

  • Submitted eApps for reconciliation
  • Proposed insured and agent data
  • eApp details including client ID, face amount, premium…etc.

Example Use Cases

  • Track applications from start all the way to submit in near-real time
  • Create analytics on the eApp life insurance such as eApp conversion ratios
  • Self-serve (i.e. ingest into your own applications)
  • Integrate into your own CRM
  • Gain visibility into your lines of business
  • Support your agents in near-real time
  • Combine data with your other datasets



Access to all your Life Insurance Illustrations and Needs Analysis data, in near-real time, on a rolling 3-year basis. Illustrations and Needs Analytics allows applicants the ability to run multiple pricing scenarios on the front end of the apply process before proceeding with an electronic iGO® application. This provides the applicant real-time pricing results, speeding up the apply process.

Tables Included

  • Illustrations Details
  • Needs Analysis Details

Example Use Cases

  • Identify illustrations that were run by an agent where you never got an application
  • Self-serve (i.e. ingest into your own applications)
  • Integrate into your own CRM to generate targeted activities
  • Do product design analysis to allow product teams to better understand how our products are being illustrated and sold
  • Feed data into the client record (post-issue) to trigger reminders and/or make available for later inforce illustrations



Access to all your life insurance new business and underwriting data, in near-real time. Resonant® is an automated solution for the entire NB and UW process with a focus on improving the agent and customer experience, quicker entry into new markets and products, improvement in cycle times and placement ratios and in turn driving profitable growth.

Tables Included

  • Life Policy Details
  • Requirements Details
  • Activity Details

Example Use Cases

  • How do cycle times and placement ratios compare between accelerated and traditional underwritten cases.
  • Self-serve (i.e. ingest into your own applications, ie: Agent Portals)
  • Pinpoint which segment of the underwriting process are impacting the cycle times
  • Identify requirements that have the biggest impact cycle times, for example APS ordering and the actual impact on cycle times.
  • Create analytics to serve your field offices, agents, case managers and underwriters in near-real time, combine data with your other datasets.