It’s all in the Details! – April 2020

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It’s all in the Details! – April 2020

Take a journey into the details of a case, without having to access the entire application!

Case Details can be an overlooked powerhouse in iGO, but this area provides not only highlights of a case but all-important ACTIONS that users can take to get through the signature process faster.

Let’s master another way to help users succeed!


What might the user say to indicate they should go to Case Details?

“I need to change a signers email address and resend it”

“My application isn’t at the carrier, and I cannot figure out why”

“My client never received their email to sign.”

“I received an email that stated no further action was required, but I never signed”

“My application is locked; I should be done!”


Wait a second, did you catch that? Some of the above indicators are repeats from previous articles. Before you say we are running out of content already on article 4, we included them for a reason. It is because you can do a lot from Case Details; it is an area that can be accessed to address several of our most frequent support requests.

Case Details was developed as a way to see high level details about an application, but more importantly to take some of the most common actions after starting the signature process. We wanted to give users the ability to quickly get a PIN reminder, resend a signature email, and even change an email address for a signer if needed, without having to go back into the application and dig around. Think of it as a way to cut out some clicks and save time!

On the Case Details screen, you can see the history of all actions taken on the case. This includes items like when the case was started, when signatures were sent out, and when signatures were completed. You can see Case Summary information such as the insured name, date of birth, state, face amount and more.

The Case Details screen also allows you to take actions. Along with being able to see the signature emails sent out and their status and PIN, you can resend and then update the email addresses if needed. Please note, we do not expose the Case Manager/Submission Approver PIN to the user.


Why do users struggle with Case Details?

The answer here is that users don’t struggle with Case Details, but they don’t always realize it exists. Taking the time to highlight this feature will save you and the user precious time down the road.

You can get to the Case Details screen by clicking the Case Details button under the name of the Proposed Insured on the My Cases Dashboard. Once agents find the Case Details screen and realize its benefits, they tend to remember it!

When users reach out with those common questions or support requests, its easy to point them to Case Details and use the interaction as a learning opportunity. Sending out a solution or resolving an issue for someone is great, but being able to teach the user how to be self-sufficient is next level! It means less delays for the application and signature process and more time to address your other To Do items.



Check out the articles on our Customer Portal for Help with the Signature Process:

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How can I submit ideas for future enhancements or article ideas?


Submit your ideas on how to improve Case Details.

Not sure what to submit? Here is an example: I always forget my PIN, can you text it to me? (Yes, for some carriers, we can do that now!)

We look forward to empowering you and helping increase your user adoption!

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