Add Products to Your LifePipe Quote Engine

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If you are an administrator, you can add products to your LifePipe Quote Engine from within iService. Once you add products, you can then group these products by configuring Product Groups.

IMPORTANT: All the configurations in LifePipe can only be made by Administrators.


Add Products to Your Quote Engine

1. Log into iService.

2. Select Profile Settings from the settings drop down.

3. Click on the Annuity & Term Rates Profile tab.

For agencies with multiple GAIDs:

1. Select your agency from the My Offices list on the left side of the screen.

The Profile Settings page displays.

2. Click on the Annuity & Term Rates Profile tab.

3. Use the View and Filter By drop downs to refine the list of product results. You can also use the Search field to find a specific product.

4. Select, or un-select, a product’s corresponding checkbox to add or remove the product.

Note: Read-only users are not allowed to filter/search.

5. Click Save Changes.

Product changes display immediately on the quote engine when changed in iService.

Note: If you configure Product Groups, selecting that Product Group during your search refinement in LifePipe returns only results that are part of that pre-configured list of products.


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