CalcStorm – How to Test New Rates

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Once new rates are added, you can test them using the built-in quoting tool.


Note: Depending on the product, the content team will provide a separate UAT testing link. If you are provided a link, we suggest to use that.


How to Test New Rates

After the new rates are uploaded:

1. Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Next, select Test this Version.

This will bring you to the built-in quoting tool.

3. Select the Product Type, Product, Issue date, Term and Face Amount to make sure the current version will be used.

Note: The Issue Date needs to be after the activation date of the version you are testing.

In this example, the new version entered had an activation date of March 1, 2019. The issue date needs to be on or after this date to test the newly uploaded version.

If the rates are still inactive, be sure to check ForTestingOnly. This will include rates uploaded for future releases.

4. Next, click on the Personal tab.

5. Enter the Birth Date, Gender, State and Health Class.

A client name is not required for testing.

6. Once all of the information is entered, the system will provide the premium on the right side of the screen. If no Payment Option is selected, the system will provide the annual premium by default.

7. It will also provide a break down by year of the Premium Amount.

8. If there are mistakes either in the upload or in the information you entered into the quoting tool, the system will provide an error message on the right hand side of the screen. The error will explain why the quote was unsuccessful.

In this example, there is no health class selected.



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