Issues Adding Forms to Queue in Laser App Anywhere

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If you are unable to load forms to queue in Laser App Anywhere, it may be a browser-related issue. See our steps below for different browsers to try resolving this problem.



Google Chrome touch screen features have to be disabled when attempting to add forms to the queue in Anywhere. This is because the device has touch screen ability.  Please follow these steps to disable Chrome’s Touch Events, so that the forms in Laser App Anywhere can be added to the form’s queue.


Disable the Chrome Touch Events API

1. Open Chrome and type chrome://flags/ in the address bar.

2. In the search bar that says, Search Flags, type in touch events.

3. Under Touch Events API, change the drop down menu to Disabled.

4. Once disabled has been selected click the blue Relaunch Now button to apply changes.



In Firefox, the touch screen feature is enabled automatically and when attempting to add a form to the queue with your mouse, you will not be able to do so. To get this working again, you’ll have to disable the touch events feature.


Disable the Firefox Touch Events

1. Open the Firefox browser and in the address bar type this command: about:config.

2. After pressing the Enter key, a warning screen will come up saying, “This might void your warranty“. Click the blue box link that says, “I accept the risk!“.

3. In the search bar, type in touch_events and this will bring up the Preference Name called dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled. And double left-click on that feature.

4. A new window will come up saying, Enter Integer Value. Change the value from 2 to 0 (The number 0, not the letter o).

5. After the value has been change to 0, close out from the entire browser and relaunch it again.

When you re-login to Laser App Anywhere, you will have now have the ability to select the forms using your mouse.


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