Combined and Switch Rep Names & Number in Laser App Enterprise

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If you have multiple rep licenses installed in Laser App Enterprise, you can combine, switch rep names and create unique joint rep numbers to use where appropriate. By default when a form first loads Laser App assumes the currently selected rep is the primary/first (and only) rep to insert. In situations where multiple reps share commissions you can click on the right-hand button in rep name field on the loaded form to change the rep name combinations or switch a rep.

Note: The first rep is always the currently selected record in the rep data grid.


Switch Reps

This option allows you to switch between installed reps.

1. To switch reps choose this option, then select the rep from the grid and close the rep window.

The selected rep will be applied throughout the form and will remain the selected rep when the next form is loaded.

Note: this item is only visible when more than one rep license is installed.


Add Joint Rep Name

This option allows you to insert and save a pre-configured rep name/number combination, or simply insert a combination on the current form without saving.

1. To configure a multi-rep combination, choose the Create Joint Rep Configuration tab (if it’s not already selected).

A list of installed rep names (licenses) will appear in the box on the left.

2. Select the rep you wish to add and click the Add button to insert them into the box on the right.

3. Enter a joint rep number(s) to use with this name combination in the Joint Rep # box.

4. Click Ok to use this combination, or you can save it permanently by clicking the Save As button under the box on the left.


Load a Previously Saved Rep Name

1. To load a previously saved rep name combination switch to the Save Configurations tab (if it’s not already selected) and toggle the saved configuration name from the box at the top of the screen.

2. Click Ok to insert the configuration.


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