Configure Your LifePipe Profile

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Under the My Profile menu in LifePipe, you can set up your individual profile and customize your experience.


Configure Your LifePipe Profile

Configure your profile in the My Profile menu. To access My Profile, follow the instructions below.

1. Log into Lifepipe.

2. Click Welcome > My Profile in the top right corner.

The My Profile page displays with your profile details.

From the My Profile menu, you have the following options:

1. Add Agent Information to Reports  – This allows the information from the Profile tab to populate onto any report your print from Lifepipe. Check out our “Add Agent Information to a Report” article for more information.

2. Show/Hide Agency Name and Logo on Reports – When selected, this will populate the agency name and logo onto a report. For more information, visit our “Show/Hide Agency Name and Logo on Reports” article.

3. Set Search Defaults in LifePipe – In LifePipe settings, you can set defaults to populate certain fields within the quoting engine every time you login. For instructions, check out the “Set Search Defaults” article.




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