Create a New Case in XRAE

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XRAE is a field underwriting tool that returns a health class rating or range based on published and unpublished carrier underwriting rules. Based on build, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and up to 3 additional impairments, XRAE generates multi-carrier or single carrier underwriting results instantly, with table/health class and a price range.


XRAE Case List

When you first log into XRAE, the Case List displays. You can filter your cases by several options, including “No Filter,” which will show all of your cases, Agent Name, Creation Date, and more.

Note: To edit your profile, select “System Settings” in the upper right hand corner.


Create a New Case

1. Click the Create New Case button. You will be redirected to the Required Info screen where you will be prompted to answer the six mandatory questions displayed in the screenshot below. A yellow warning box will appear if any of the required information is left incomplete.

2. After completing the required information, click the Next Section link at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to proceed to the questionnaire.

See additional information on the XRAE Questionnaire Sections.

Hint: You can also click Questionnaire under the Case Actions section to the left of the questions. The Case Actions section also allows you to navigate to the Case Overview which gives you an overview of everything you answered, go straight to the Search Results, send the quote to your agency with Messaging, and Print out the case info.



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