Create a tioTERM Drop Ticket Order

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Laser App Anywhere can fill out forms and then send them off to tioTERM by means of creating a Drop Ticket Order.


Creating a tioTERM Drop Ticket Order

1. Log into Laser App Anywhere with the user login/email and password sent to you by your broker/dealer’s Anywhere administrator.

2. In the main screen in Laser App Anywhere, on the Dashboard panel on the left, click the button to Search for Forms.

3. Click the drop down arrow a little to the right to “Filter By: Business Channel” and click INSURANCE.

4. From the vendors listed click on tioTERM.

5. Click the green circle with its white plus sign left of the name of the desired form, the Drop Ticket Order Form to send it to the right.

6. Click the large button on the right to OPEN FORMS.

7. The form opens and populates with client data.

8. In the grey area in the upper left of the form, click the button to “Post to tioTERM”.

A verification of its successful creation will then appear on the screen, allowing you to click the “Login” hyperlink to open and view it.

9. If you wish to view it, click that “Login” wording.

10. If you do NOT wish to view it, just click the OK button in that window.


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