e-App vs. Drop Ticket

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There are some differences between our iGO e-App and iGO drop ticket. Click here to see our overview video for more information.


e-App vs. Drop Ticket


An e-App is a full application which asks both the personal information, medical history and state requirements. The full e-application allows the agent to control the entire process from entering the information in the application to submitting it to the carrier.


Typical e-App Workflow


 Note: If the application is created from an agency website, after the agent signs the application, an approval email is sent to the agency before it is submitted. Some agencies request to review all forms before it is electronically submitted to the carrier.


Drop Ticket

A drop ticket is a consolidated application which only asks for basic information and state required information. Once this information is collected, the agent electronically signs the application and sends it over to an agency or call center. Once the agency approves the application, it gets sent to either a carrier call center, who contacts the client and completes the remainder of the application, including medical questions and helps set up paramedical visits, or to the paramedical company directly to complete the medical portion of the application.


Typical Drop Ticket workflow


Video Tutorial





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