Electronic In Session Signing

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What Is In Session Signing?

In Session Signing is when an Adviser and their client are together and they would like to Electronically Sign the documents immediately.  This could also be referred to as In Person Signing as well.


In Session Signing Setup

Their is not special setup within the Enterprise program for in-session signing, however, you do need to make sure that you do have your Signature Devices enable and your vendor selected.

Inside of Laser App Anywhere, you need to make sure that you have your signature vendor selected and credentials typed in before you can E-sign.  You can find this by going to your Dashboard tab and then under Account Settings their is a tab that says Remote Signing.

You need to make sure your Electronic Signature vendor set up for this feature, sometimes it is on the back end of the account, from your account settings on your vendors website.

Note: This feature works inside Laser App Enterprise and Laser App Anywhere.


How It Works

Inside of Laser App, once a form is open and the form has been E-Sign enabled, you will see boxes on the signature lines.  You can double left-click on these fields and then you can select the signer and if you would like to in-session sign or not within the same menu.


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