e-Signing an Application when Face-to-Face

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Within iGO, you can choose to electronically sign an application while face-to-face with a client.  Follow the steps below to submit an application using the face-to-face e-signature method. See our step-by-step video tutorial click here.


e-Signing an Application when Face-to-Face with a Client

After you have locked the application, you will now move into the Signature section. Along with e-mail signature and print and wet sign, most carriers offer the Face-to-Face signature option. This allows you to collect the signatures electronically while sitting with your client.

Please note the screens may differ between carriers and some carriers do not offer the Face-to-Face signature method.


1. Once the application is locked, click the next button and you will be asked to select your signature method. You will select Electronic Signature.

2. Next you will be given the choice to eSign via Face to Face or eSign via Email. Select eSign Face to Face and then click Next.

3. Most carriers will have certain disclosures for you to acknowledge. Click Yes and then Next.

4. Review the Terms of Use with your client.

5. Click the Review Your Application Package and the Review the Buyer’s Guides buttons. This will bring up PDF copies of both documents for you and your client to review.

Note: If the forms do not populate, make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is deactivated.

6. Once both documents are reviewed, click the corresponding check box to acknowledge that both parties have reviewed the application and other forms. Then click Next

7. Click the corresponding check box (proposed insured or agent) to agree to apply the e-signature.

8. This will activate the Apply eSignature button.

9. Finally click the Submit/Send to button.

Congratulations, you have signed and submitted an application using the Face-to-Face e-signature method.


Video Tutorial




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