Getting Set-up with CalcStorm

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CalcStorm is a self-service rates management tool which allows you to mange the rates that are used by the iPipeline Quoting (LifePipe), eApp (iGO) and eDelivery (DocFast) applications. This tool supports rate updates, scheduling and testing capabilities.  For more information on how to get setup, follow the instructions below.

Note:  Self-service via Calcstorm requires a separate license.  Contact your sales rep for more information on pricing.
Getting Set-up with CalcStorm
  1. Once your license is active, our Content Team will reach out to you directly to provide additional information. You will need to provide (at a minimum) the product plan names, rate tables, riders, health classes and state availability.
  2. After this information is provided, the Content Team will do the initial setup and loading of your products on Calcstorm.  This typically includes adding your calculations and any carrier specific rules that are required for your product.
  3. After initial setup, the Content Team will provide you with a customized Excel spreadsheet which will be used for future updates.  Refer to our articles on How to Upload Rates and How to Test New Rates. to start to self-service your rates.


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