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In Lifepipe, a user can choose to either select a Health class or Enter a Health Profile. When using the Health Profile, the clients medical conditions, family history and driving violations are used to produce an underwriting rate class based on carriers unique underwriting guidelines.


Entering a Health Profile

1. Log into Lifepipe

2. Fill in all required information on the New Quote page including Date of Birth.

3. In the Underwriting Information section, Select Enter Health Profile

4. Enter the height, weight and tobacco use (if known), and then select Add Health Details.

5. Next, select the Types of Health Details you would like to include in your search. You will have the choice of Health Conditions, Family History and Driving Violations. Once you make a selection, click Continue.


6. On the next screen, you will see the Health Details sections you selected previously.  Use the navigation on the left to find the sections you would like to complete about your client.

 Note:  Each section contains several underwriting questions.  The more information you enter, the more accurate your quote will be.

7. Once you are finished answering the questions about your client, click the Get Quotes button. This will produce underwriting rate class quotes on your clients information.


 Note:  Only Carriers licensed to use iPipeline’s Resonant Field Underwriting (formerly XRAE) will be returned in the results.

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