Configure Your Forms Engine

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Under FormsPipe settings there are many options to customize your Forms tool. The article below describes the different options available in FormsPipe. Some are necessary for the tool to work and some customize the look of the tool.


Configure Your Forms Engine
Required actions

The actions below are necessary for the forms tool to function.

Add Service Types

You need to add service types for the available Carriers. Service types should be added before products (i.e. forms). Service types are specific groups of forms, for example New Business, Agent forms, Services forms and even Marketing. For instructions on adding Service Types, please refer to the “Add Service Types in FormsPipe” article.

Add Products

Once Service types are activated, you will need to activate the products (forms). These are the forms packets for specific carrier products. For instructions on adding Products, please refer to the “Add Forms in FormsPipe” article.


Other Actions

These actions are not required for the forms tool to function, however, can allow you to customize certain options like packaging, adding custom forms and adding logos or additional text in the header or footer of the tool.

Search and Packaging Options

Under this section, you can determine which search options (basic, advanced…etc.) will be available to your agents as well as the names of the search fields available. You can also provide agents the options of emailing forms directly from the Forms engine.

For more information on Search Options, refer to the “Customize Forms Search Options” article. For information on Packaging Options, please refer to the “Add Packaging Options to your Forms Engine” article.

Customizing the Look of the Forms Tool

In iService, you can customize the look of your Forms engine by adding wording or a logo to your header or footer or by adding custom colors to your forms (CSS). Check out the “Customize the Look of Your Forms Engine” article for more information.

Customer Kits

Customer Kits allows you to add your own personalized forms, such as a cover page, to any forms package by uploading a document in iService. You can additionally create rules to identify which carrier(s) and product packages your form will be bundled with or you can assign the form to your profile.

For more information about Customer Kits, please refer to the “Add and Remove Customer Kits to Your Forms Package” article.


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