Add Carriers for iGO, Forms, and Product Information

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You can select your applications, set locations, and add carriers within the Profile Configuration in iService.


Access Profile Configuration

1. Log into iService.

2. Select Forms Profile from the settings drop down on the Home page.

2. Navigate to Profile Configuration > Select Suppliers, where you can see a list of carriers on iPipeline’s products.

Note: This list displays ALL carriers that use iPipeline’s products. There may be an instance where you select a Carrier from this list, but it does not display in other configuration sections because you are not subscribed to that Carrier or line of business.


Add Carriers/Suppliers

1. Check suppliers to enable under the agency name (i.e. profile name).

2. Click Save Changes.

The selected carriers display as options for all products in which they are available.

Note: You can add or remove carriers from your quote engine by navigating to the Annuity & Term Rates Profile page in iService. Refer to Add Products to your Quote Engine for further instruction.


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