Add Packaging Options to Your Forms Engine

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You can choose to email forms packages from the Forms tool and customize various options.


Access FormsPipe Settings

1. Log into iService.

2. Click the Gear symbol in the top right of the screen and select Profile Settings.

For agencies with multiple GAIDs:

1. Click on the name of your organization on the left side of the screen.

This brings you to Profile Settings.

2. Click on Manage Settings to the right of FormsPipe.



Choose and Customize Your Forms Packages

1. Click the Search & Packaging Options tab.

2. Under Packaging Options, select from the list of possible packaging options.

  • Enable Email Packages – Enable to email forms packages from the Forms tool.
  • Enable PDF Package Cover Sheet – Choose to add a generic cover sheet.
  • Do Not List Documents In Email Message Body: Choose whether forms should be listed in the email for the recipient.

3. Click Save Changes.


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