Add Service Types in FormsPipe

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You need to add service types for the available Carriers. Service types should be added before products (i.e. forms). Service types are specific groups of forms, for example New Business, Agent forms, Services forms and even Marketing.


Access FormsPipe Settings

1. Log into iService.

2. Click the Gear symbol in the top right of the screen and select Profile Settings.

For agencies with multiple GAIDs:

1. Click on the name of your organization on the left side of the screen.

This brings you to Profile Settings.

2. Click on Manage Settings to the right of FormsPipe.



Add Service Types

1. Click the Service Types tab.

2. Select which necessary Service Types for the carriers and products you wish to include.

3. Click the box to the right of the corresponding Service Type under the Enabled column.

4. Click Save Changes.

You can also Filter by specific carriers or use the search tool to narrow down the list of service types.

Note: It is important to add Service Types first, or no products will display in your Forms Engine.


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