Customize the Look of Your Forms Engine

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You can customize the look of your Forms engine by:


Access Forms Configuration

1. Log into iService.

2. Select Forms Profile from the settings drop down.


Add Wording or Logo to Your Header or Footer

1. Click Customize Page HTML under FormsPipe Configuration in the left menu.

Caution: If you are not familiar with HTML, please contact iPipeline support for assistance.

2. Select a section to customize from the FormsPipe HTML Section drop down.

  • Header: The top portion of the page
  • Footer: The bottom portion of the page
  • Client Text: Displays above the header

3. Insert your custom HTML into the HTML Value

4. Choose which profile(s) to apply the changes to by selecting each checkbox in the Apply to Profiles

5. Click Save.


Add Custom Colors to Forms (CSS)

Step 3: Upload the Style Sheet to iService

1. Log into iService.

2. Select the Administration tab.

3. Select Edit Profiles > Forms Profile from the menu.

4. From the left side navigation click FormsPipe Configuration then the Customize Page Style option

5. Click the “Upload” icon next to style for the Profile you would like to change. The file upload pop up window appears.

6. Click the Select File button, then browse for your style sheet.

7. Click the Save Changes button to save the style sheet to the profile.

8. Open Forms in your web browser to validate that the colors have been updated.

Note: Changes can take several minutes to appear. Continue to refresh the page till you see the changes.



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