e-Deliver a Policy to an Agent

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As a Distributor Case Manager, you can review and approve a document, then e-Deliver the document to the Agent. When you select this option, a form displays where you can enter the Agent’s information, cc/bcc others, and add a custom message before sending. See our overview video or instructions below.


Access the Document

1. Log into DocFast.

2. Find the correct case from the DocFast Dashboard.

3. Select the case’s Identification Number and click the More Details button to navigate to the Policy Details page.

Hint:If you received an email about a policy, you may also access the Policy Details page by clicking the link in the email.

The Policy Details page displays.


Review the Document

1. Click the Download PDF button in the top left corner to review the document.

Once you have reviewed the document, and ensured it is accurate, you can e-deliver the document to the agent.


e-Deliver the Document to the Agent

1. From the Policy Details page, click the Document Actions dropdown and choose e-Deliver to Agent.

2. Enter the agent’s name and email at the top of the e-Deliver Document to Agent form.

Note: All sender information is pre-populated.

3. To include a custom message, add text into the Custom Text field.

4. Once you have completed the form, click the Send Message to Agent button.

Hint: If you would like to first preview the email, click the Preview Message button.

You will receive a success message which indicates that the email has been sent to the Agent.

At this point, the Distributor Status has turned to green and the Signer Status section has updated to display the Agent as Delivered Awaiting Signature.

The agent would now sign the policy and pass it on to the consumer. See our article on e-Signing and e-Delivering the policy to the Consumer for more information.


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