Export and Share Form Groups in Laser App Enterprise

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Laser App Enterprise allows users to export their form groups and share them with other Laser App users. This article gives step by step instructions of how to do the export of the form groups and share them with other users.


Exporting and Sharing Form Groups in Laser App Enterprise

1. Click on Groups and then click on Edit Form Groups from the main menu.

Note: if you do not see this menu you have not defined any form groups.

2. Click the Export Form Group File toolbar button from the top of the Form Group Editor screen. You should have two options:

  • Export All – This will export all the form groups out of Laser App to a form group file.
  • Export All (delete all w/ same unique name) – When a Laser App user imports or double clicks the file the form groups menu will be completely replaced with the contents of the export. Broker dealer back offices may wish to use this setting when emailing or publishing group files for their reps.

3. Create a file name and click Save. This file can now be double clicked by any Laser App Enterprise user and it will merge the form groups with any existing form groups they may have into the Laser App program.

4. Users may also select the file from the option called Import Form Groups File under the Groups menu.


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