How to Load a Product or Distributor Profile

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  1. Author/Update your Product Profile(s) i.e. PPfA/PPfL and/or Distributor Profile(s)
  2. Log into AFFIRM as a carrier BA
    1. Contact iPipeline Support or your Project Team if you do not have an account.
  3. Select Carrier Testing Manager and Navigate to the applicable Upload Tab
    1. For PPfLs – Upload Life Product/DP
    2. For PPfAs – Upload Annuity Product/DP
  4. Browser to your product profile or distributor profile XML and select upload
  5. If accepted your product profile will be displayed on the pending tab until it is processed, typically it processes between 15 and 30 minutes
  6. Once your Product/Distributor Profile is processed, it will be listed on the appropriate tab i.e. the Product tab or Distributor Profile tab. If issues were encountered with the processing of the product profile or distributor profile, those errors can be accessed on the Pending tab for Annuities and on the Upload tab for Life.
  7. From there the carrier can promote their product profiles to pilot mode test as the carrier prior to promoting the product to production mode to make it available to the applicable distributor partner. Carriers must also update their own test distributor profile and promote to pilot to test new products.
  8. Once the carrier has tested their product profile they can promote the Product Profile and the Distributor’s Distributor Profile to Production Mode. Once processed the product profile and distributor profile will be available on the distributor side for their testing and promotion. The Product Profile(s) and/or Distributor Profiles will be in pending promotion status until processed, once processed the status will reflect In Production status.
    1. Note an In Production status in Carrier Testing Manager doesn’t necessarily mean that product is in production status on the distributor side, click on the status link on the product profile to drill down to the individual status for the distributor
    2. Once a new Product Profile or Distributor Profile is loaded, the carrier should reach out to their distributor partners to make them aware.
    3. Note carrier testing manager will show two versions of a product profile or distributor profile until the receiving distributors have fulling promoted the new versions thus replacing the old versions.
  9. Once the distributor partner has promoted on their side, the loading/promotion process is complete.
    1. Carriers should always load and test product profile and distributor profile change in UAT first and perform joint testing/validations with their distributor partners prior to making updates in Production.
    2. If there is an emergency production change for a product profile or distributor profile, carriers should always ensure that those changes are also done in UAT.

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