Register for the New iService

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If you are an existing iService user, you can easily register for access to the new iService by following the steps below.


Register for the New iService

1. Go to the new iService login page:

2. Enter your current username and password for the old iservice.

3. Click the Log in button. A new screen displays to update your username and password.

4. Click the Send verification email button.

You will receive an email with a link to set up your new account. Please Note: The link in this email expires after 60 minutes.

5. Click the Verify your email link.

A new page will be loaded.

6. Populate all fields and click the Update my username and password button.

You will receive an email with your assigned username for future reference.


Note: If you have not received a email for registration or are having trouble completing the registration, contact support at 1-800-641-6557 or


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