Illustrations Needs Analysis Module

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The Needs Analysis module displays a clear picture of your client’s current situation and helps you draft a blueprint of what is needed before you sell the solution.


Completing the Needs Analysis Module

1. Navigate to the Needs Analysis.

2. Make a selection from the Concept.

Based on this selection, additional dropdown fields and screens display.

3. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen, or click through the left navigation options to review each screen and input all applicable information.

Hint: A green check mark in the left navigation indicates that the screen has already been reviewed. Blank check boxes indicate that the screen must still be reviewed.

Note: Screens vary based on the selections.

4. On the final screen, you can choose whether certain data should carry over to the illustration. This option must be selected for results of the Needs Analysis to carry into the Quotes/Illustrations


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