Illustrations Overview

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iPipeline Illustrations provides a fully integrated experience for generating insurance illustrations. The system offers features such as needs analysis, quotes/illustrations, and advanced sales. This guide provides an overview of the Illustrations systems and its modules. Please note that your company’s available modules may vary, depending on your specific configuration.


The tabs along the top of the screen are the different modules within the Illustrations system. Note: Your customized system may display different tabs (i.e. modules) than shown in the below example. The available tabs are listed below:


Managing Cases

Once you have logged into the system, you are presented with two options:

1. Start a new case

Selecting Start New Case from the main Illustrations screen begins a new case.

A blank form displays for the client’s information to be entered (shown in the image below).

2. View your existing cases

Selecting View My Cases presents a list of your open cases with a list of available actions that can be taken on each case.

Note: Options that display in this dropdown may vary depending on your specific Illustrations configuration and environment.


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