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The Redtail CRM stores client data out on the cloud. It interfaces with both the Laser App Enterprise (desktop) and the Laser App Anywhere (web) versions. Some Laser App Software customers use both Laser App Enterprise and Laser App Anywhere. Depending on the paperwork being done or the desired storage area of the client data after the forms have been completed, the Laser App customer might prefer to use one version of Laser App Software over the other one when using the Redtail CRM and the Laser App Software together to complete paperwork.


Switch to Laser App Anywhere Platform in Redtail CRM – Leapfrog

To designate which Laser App Software product is to be used by Redtail CRM, the following steps can be taken within the Redtail CRM screen:

1. Log into Redtail CRM and get down inside a specific contact’s record.

2. Click the drop down menu, at the top of the screen, named Manage Your Account.

3. Click the option that says, Change Site Preferences.

4. On the new screen that comes up, scroll down to a category called Integrations.

5. Under Integrations, look for Laser App and click on the Version drop down menu and select Anywhere (Web).

6. Once Anywhere (Web) has been selected, input your Laser App Anywhere Username and Password, so Redtail can have access to sending a contact to the Laser App Anywhere platform.

7. After entering your credentials for Anywhere, scroll up to Integrations and click on the Save option on the right hand side to save the changes that were done.

Once your choice has been made and you move out of that window, the Redtail Technology CRM will send its contact data to the version of Laser App you just indicated.

8. You can go back to the Change Site Preferences area in Redtail CRM’s contact records screen to change to the other Laser App version as often as you wish, following these steps here to utilize your preference.


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