LifePipe System Requirements

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Certified Browsers

We continue to certify new versions of the most popular web browsers.


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v.11 & Edge
    • Internet Explorer Compatibility mode is not supported
  • Google Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Firefox, most recent stable version

Mac OS & iOS

  • Apple Safari, most recent stable version


Browser Certification

What does certified mean? LifePipe supports a variety of robust, complex features that require extensive testing and validation when new or updated technology is introduced to the marketplace.  When iPipeline certifies a new browser or operating system, it means that full regression testing and defect remediation has been completed for that version.  Completing this testing and validation effort ensures our customers receive the optimal user experience when leveraging the platform.

What does Non-Certified mean? If your preferred browser and/or operating system is not contained in the list above, it means that iPipeline does not complete testing of the platform on it.  Platform testing is important as it ensures our solutions work optimally and that each user enjoys the best experience possible.  While iPipeline does not test and certify all available operating systems and browsers, we will strive to support a user utilizing a Non-Certified OS/Browser to the extent possible.  Issues and defects reported will be triaged and resolved at the discretion of iPipeline.


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