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The main function of Maestro is to allow the design of screens for the iGO e-application. The article below explains the different screen properties and screen types available in Maestro.

Screen Properties

To create and edit screens:

  • You need to “Add Screen” to add one more Screen to the project
  • All Screens dedicated to the Project are presented in the List View and sorted by date
  • “Screen name” and “Screen label” are displayed for Application and Clickwrap Screens.
  • To edit the screen you need to double click on it

Here is a list of the different sections on the All Screens List View.

  1. Screen Name
  2. Screen Label
  3. Screen Type
  4. Last Updated Date
  5. Preview Mode
  6. Add a Screen
  7. Delete a Screen


Content Tab

Property Description
Name a required field. By this name you’ll be able to find control in the Rule.
Child Prefix prefix that will be propagated to controls inside current Screen.
Type defines a type of the control
Label is text that user will see above the control.
Screen Type defines type of the screens (Application, Clickwrap, Shared).
Awaiting Requirements designate status flag to share with others to review current control.
Soft Lock mark screen to soft lock by executing Event action “softlock_on”.
Event and Rule actions do NOT modify values of objects on “locked” screens. When Soft Lock action is performed for some screen – all objects that are on that screen (even hidden) get a “flag” that restrict modifiying.

  • iGo “Soft Lock” -> user variables (managed by iGo – AppLocked = ‘X’)
  • SD “Soft Lock” -> Values in objects on locked screens shouldn’t be modified by action execution
Presentation Tab

Property Description
Hide Label possibility to hide screen Label so that user won’t see it on the screen
Rules Tab

Property Description
Add New Rule possibily to create new Rule
Events Tab

Property Description
Add Statement possibility to create new Event and execute it Before Screen Loads and Before Screen Leave.
Comment Tab

Property Description
Comment ability to add comments to the Screen.


Screen Types

Once Screen is added to the version BA is able to configure Screen type.

After clicking on corresponding Screen in the Property card DDL for selecting Screen type is displayed.

  • Application – screen will be used only in runtime.
  • ClickWrap – screen will be used in clickwrap signature process.
  • Shared – screen will be used in runtime and clickwrap signature process.

It’s possible to edit Screen type any time even it was created from template.

By navigating to the Preview mode BA is able to see two tabs “Application “, “ClickWrap”.

In Preview mode-> Application tab displays list of “Application” and “Shared” Screen types

In Preview mode-> Clickwrap tab displays list of “Clickwrap” and “Shared” Screen types.

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