NPN Feed Administration

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Feed from NIPR to Agency Integrator allowing you to query NIPR’s database for Contacts and have their National Producer Numbers (NPN’s) automatically populate in Agency Integrator in Bulk. If the feed is kept in an Active Status after the initial load, it will also query NIPR for the NPNs of any newly created or updated contacts.

Access NPN Feed Administration

To Query NIPR’s database for contacts and have their NPN automatically populate in bulk.

First click Administration on the main navigation bar. Then click on Contact Management sub-menu and select NPN Feed Administration.

NPN Feed Administration screen will appear

Activate the NPN Feed

Check the Active box, and then click OK or Apply to start the feed.

Turning the feed on will check all contact records in your system, and send the following records to the Queue to query NIPR:

Contacts with Type: Individual

  • SSN field is not blank
  • Last Name field is not blank
  • NPN field is blank

Contacts with Type:  Company

  • TIN field is not blank
  • NPN field is blank

Note: You do not have to keep the feed Active. There is also a button to manually query NIPR on the Contact Detail screen shown in this Technote.  If the feed is Active, the system will query NIPR each time a Contact with a blank NPN is created or updated.

Once the feed is activated, the Records queued count(s) will update on-screen, displaying how many of your contacts the system are in the Queue, as well as the number of records in the Queue across all other AI customers.  These counts are to inform you how far down your records are in line (if at all), and also to show the Queue’s progress.

Clicking the Refresh button updates both record counts, giving you a real-time idea of the Queue’s progress.

If NPN(s) are found for the contacts in the Queue, that NPN value will be populated in the NPN field on those Contacts in AI.  Note that the bulk feed will never overwrite an existing value in the NPN field.  It will only populate a value in a blank NPN field.  However, if you want to manually check if the NPN value on a contact is correct, you can follow the instructions below.

Manually Querying NIPR on a Single Contact

To manually query a single contact record, navigate to the Contact Detail screen and click the Get NPN button from the Additional Detail tab.

Note: Clicking the Get NPN button will jump the contact to the top of the Queue and query NIPR, even if the field is NOT blank.

If a match is found, that NPN value will be automatically populated on the record:

Possible Error Messages 

No matching NIPR records found for the SSN/TIN/Last Name provided:This will be the catch-all message when the button is pushed manually and NIPR returned no results for your search.  It could mean that the SSN/TIN/Last Name is blank (so there’s not enough info to complete the query), or simply that there is no matching record for the query.

NIPR returned a value of XYZ for this record, which is different from the current value of ABC. Update to XYZ if desired:  This message will be returned when there’s already a value populated in the NPN field, but it doesn’t match what’s on record for the Producer at NIPR.  The feed will never automatically change or overwrite this number, it will only warn you of the discrepancy. To change the value in the field to match what NIPR has, you will need to manually copy the number from the error message and paste it into the NPN field.

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