Passing Data to LifePipe

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LifePipe allows customers to pass user information and search criteria into the application to pre-populate common fields. This feature is often used by customers who are linking to LifePipe from their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and would like to speed up the quote process by pre-filling in the search criteria or the users profile.


Passing Data to LifePipe

To pass data to LifePipe, the customer must provide a properly formatted XML message in their SAML (Single Sign On) message.  The message must confirm to the Data Dictionary as defined in the below tables.  Click here for an example of the XML message.


Agent Information

Data Name Lifepipe Field Name Notes
AGENT_FirstName Agent Name (AGENT_FirstName + AGENT_LastName)
AGENT_LastName Agent Name (AGENT_FirstName + AGENT_LastName)
AGENT_PHONE_Office Phone Number
AGENT_Number License Number


Client Information

Data Name Lifepipe Field Name Notes
PIFirstName Name (PIFirstName + PILastName)
PILastName Name (PIFirstName + PILastName)
PIDOB Date of Birth mm/dd/yyyy
PIAge Age Actual
PIAgeNearest Age Nearest
PIGender Gender Male or Female
StateID State Two letter state abbreviation


Product Information


Data Name  LifePipe Field Name Notes
POL_Length Term Length An integer between 1 to 40.

Note: Multiple entries should be comma delimited

POL_FaceAmount Death Benefits True or False
POL_CTR_Units Rider – Child Rider Units True or False
POL_ADB_Ind Rider – Accidental Death Benefit True or False
POL_WOP_Ind Rider – Waiver of Premium True or False
POL_ROP_Ind Rider – Return of Premium True or False

Underwriting Information

Data Name LifePipe Field Name Notes
POL_GenericHealthClasses Health Class Preferred Best Non-Tobacco, Preferred Tobacco, Preferred Non-Tobacco, Standard Tobacco, Standard Plus Non-Tobacco, Standard Non-Tobacco, All Non-Tobacco, All Tobacco
POL_TableRating Table Rating Either NONE or between 1 to 10
POL_TableRating_FlatExtraAmt Flat Extra $
POL_TableRating_FlatExtraYears Years


User Profile

Data Name LifePipe Field Name Notes
FirstName First Name
LastName Last Name
Email Email
Phone Phone
Role Your Role Independent Agent, Financial Advisor, Career Agent, BGA Case Manager, BGA Marketer, Other
UpdateUserProfile n/a True or False

Note:  UpdateUserProfile is an optional field.  When set to true it will update the user profile and overwrite any values that may exist.  When set to false it will not update the information.  If the field is not provided in the XML, all fields will be updated except those that already have data in them.


    <Data Name='FirstName'>Joe</Data>
    <Data Name='LastName'>Smith</Data>
    <Data Name='Email'></Data>
    <Data Name='Phone'>123-123-1223</Data>
    <Data Name='BrokerDealerLicNum'>1125573</Data>
    <Data Name='UpdateUserProfile'>True</Data>
    <Data Name='AGENT_FirstName'>Mary</Data>
    <Data Name='AGENT_LastName'>Thompson</Data>
    <Data Name='AGENT_PHONE_Office'>610-251-1234</Data>
    <Data Name='AGENT_Number'>1234</Data>
    <Data Name='PIFirstName'>Joe</Data>
    <Data Name='PILastName'>Mathews</Data>
    <Data Name='PIDOB'>04/08/1979</Data>
    <Data Name='PIAge'>31</Data>
    <Data Name='PIAgeNearest'>31</Data>
    <Data Name='PIGender'>Male</Data>
    <Data Name='StateID'>PA</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_FaceAmount'>500000,750000</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_Length'>10,20,30</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_CTR_Units'>0</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_TableRating'>NONE</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_ADB_Ind'>false</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_WOP_Ind'>false</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_ROP_Ind'>false</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_GenericHealthClasses'>Preferred Best Non-Tobacco,Preferred Non-Tobacco</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_TableRating'>NONE</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_TableRating_FlatExtraAmt'>2</Data>
    <Data Name='POL_TableRating_FlatExtraYears'>5</Data>

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