Product Variation Administration

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Create or modify existing Product Variations of your own variation of plans. Plan variations can be used on Applications, Commission Schedules, Report Builder, and Data Replicator.

Access Rider Administration

1. Click the Administration link on the main navigation bar.

2. Then click on System sub-menu and select Production Variation.

The Product Variation screen displays, where you can create a new variation, or view any existing Product Variations that were created previously.

Create a Product Variation

1. Select a carrier and product this will enable you to  click the New button.

2. Click New, the Product Variation modal window Displays.

3. Populate the Name and Description, Start and End dates if desired.

If  you have multiples they will be listed in the drop down.

Product Variation on an Application

Once a Variation has been created, if you select the carrier and the plan on an application the Variation box will appear allowing you to select your variation or not variation.

Product Variation in Commission Schedules

Product Variation in schedules allow the ability to add a different rate for each of your various plans.

1. Click the Administration link on the main navigation bar.

2. Then click on Commissions sub-menu and select Schedules.

3. Preform a search to locate the schedule you’d like to add the Product Variation to.

4.Click add Sub-Schedule in the Schedule Detail.

5. Once on the products tab, select your product, then click Product Variation.

6. Attach your variation(s) and click Apply.

Important Note: Once a Product Variation has been created to select the base product you will have to move it to Attached Variations.

Product Variation in Report Builder 

Product Variation has been added to report builder as Columns, Grouping, Sorting, and Summary options. Reference Report Builder documentation, to create, edit, and run Reports in report builder.

Product Variation in Data Replicator

If you use Data Replicator, the fields have been added under the Schedule tab in the SUBSCHEDULE_ATTACHMENT table.  Make sure to check the field if you want it to appear in your Data Replicator file.


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