Push Client and Account Information from Gentech Nexus to Laser App Anywhere

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This article discusses the integrations between Gentech Nexus and Laser App Anywhere. Nexus developers have created a few different integrations between the Nexus Software and Laser App Anywhere.


Interface Gentech Nexus Software to Laser App Anywhere

Follow the instructions for the different scenarios below to help link the Nexus Software with Laser App Anywhere:


Scenario 1 – User Received Email

When the user has received an email message containing login credentials to Laser App Anywhere, take these steps when inside the Nexus Software screen.

1. Click the Accounts tab at the top of the Nexus screen

2. Go inside a specific client’s account information screen (a client who needs to have forms filled out for them).

3. Click the Launch button centered, below, on that screen.

The Laser App Anywhere login page displays.

4. Type in the login credentials sent you by your back office.

You are now in Laser App Anywhere, ready to select desired forms or form groups for paperwork completion.


Scenario 2 – User Logs into Broker Dealer’s System

When the user logs into their broker dealer’s front-end account opening system and the Nexus screen displays.

1. Click the Accounts button in the upper left of the screen to select the proper client or account record.

2. Click the Forms button over to the right.

3. Click the (+) plus signs on the left of that screen to see a listing of the forms for each category and company the Laser App Anywhere Software can fill out.

4. Click the name of each desired form and your chosen forms will begin appearing in the lower right of that window, ready for completion.

5. Click the Generate button in the lower center of that screen to launch the Laser App Anywhere Software. The forms now display in Laser App Anywhere, filled out with client and account information, ready for completion.

You can save these form choices as your Form Favorites in Nexus for you, the rep, and/or per account to save time launching desired forms in the future.

Note: With some broker/dealer partnerships with Nexus, the rep or their assistant is allowed to set up their own Nexus account for usage with Laser App Anywhere. If this is permitted in your partnership, the screen for accomplishing the setup appears below:

6. Enter the appropriate information into the field boxes (at least fill those bordered here in red).

7. Enter your Laser App Password (lower right) to use your account with Laser App Anywhere.

8. Click the Save button when finished.


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