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Invalid OS error when attempting to register the software on a workstation. This error only comes up when Laser App Enterprise is not able to recognize the Windows Operating System version that is being used on the PC. To fix this issue, user will need to edit the windows register and add their Windows operating system to the Laser App Software registry key. Here are the steps of doing that process.


Acccess the System Registry

To access the system registry, the user will need to open the Run Window. To do this, follow the steps below.

1. On the keyboard, press and hold the windows symbol icon next to Ctrl and Alt and while holding that key, press “R” key once.

This opens the Run window.

2. Type in regedit and press OK.


Edit the Windows Registry

1. After the Windows Registry is open, go to the below pathway to get to the correct folder and be able to edit Laser App Software key.

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Laser App Software\Enterprise11\Settings

2. If the key called “os” is not found within the settings folder, a new one will need to be created.

3. Right click in the right window pane, select New, and click String Value.

4. Label the new key os. 

5. Right click the new os key and choose Modify.

6. Enter a value based on which version of Windows is installed.

7. Change the Value data according to the operating system in use.

  • Windows 7 = SEVEN
  • Windows 8 = EIGHT
  • Windows 10 = TEN
  • Server 2012 = 2012
  • Server 2016 = 2016


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