Searching for iSolve Products in the Lifepipe Quote Engine

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The Lifepipe Quote Engine also allows you to quote Perm Products like Guaranteed Universal Life and Current Assumption Universal Life. The article below explains how to search for them.


Searching for iSolve products in the Lifepipe Quote Engine.

1. Log into Lifepipe.

2. Fill out any information for your self and your client.

3. Under Product type, selected either Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) – Benchmark or Current Assumption Universal Life (CAUL) – Benchmark.

4. By selecting either of these options, the Product Information options will updated.

5. Fill out the necessary fields including Solve (maturity), Pay Period and Death Benefits.

6. Select the Health Classes.

7. Click Get Quotes.


On the Results screen, products within your search criteria will populate.

You can also use the filters on the left side of the screen to refine or update your search criteria.





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