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LifePipe and iSolve provides the ability to share quote results with other users via a secure link.  This is most commonly used by Case Managers who want to send a list of recommended products to an Agent.  When the agent opens the secure link and logs in, they can review and edit the shared quotes.


Share Quote

1. Fill in all necessary information on the New Quote page.

2. Select Get Quotes at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select the quotes you would like to share.

4. Click the Share Quote button in the top right.

5. This generates a dialog box with a secure link.

6. Click Copy Link.

With the link copied, you can paste it in an email and send it to other LifePipe and iSolve users.


Accessing Shared Quotes

1. Click on the link provided.

2. Login to LifePipe/iSolve

The system will load the Shared quote and automatically store it in the recipients My Quote list.

3. From here, you can choose to edit the quote (1), print the quote (2), view the rate at the time the quote was shared (3), view the current rate (4), or start an e-application or print the forms (5).


Edit a Shared  Quote

1. Select the Edit option in the top right corner of the screen,

Choosing to edit a share quote restores the quote search options.

2. Make all applicable changes and select Get Quotes at the bottom of the screen to update your results.


Video Tutorial





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