Troubleshoot Issues with Logging into iGO

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If you are having trouble logging into the iGO software, for example, if you are getting an “Access Denied” message, there are a few troubleshooting options you can try before contacting support.


Troubleshooting Options

1. Confirm your username and password

Be sure you’re using the right username and password. If you forget your username or password, you can choose the “Forgot your User ID?” or “Forgot your Password?” links on the login form.

2. Try closing and reopening the browser

If you close out and reopen the browser, it can clear any additional information in the browser that might be preventing you from logging in properly.

3. Try using a different internet browser

We are compatible with most major browsers. If you get an error message in one browser, try a different to see if the error occurs. There are some error messages that are browser related and switching the browser can fix the issue.

4. Try clearing out your browsing history

Information can store in your browser which can conflict with the software. By clearing out this additional information, it can allow the software to function properly. Below are steps to clear the history from our compatible browsers.


How To Clear Your Browsing History

The steps for clearing your browser history differ based on which browser you are using. See the instructions below for each.

After clearing the history from your browser, we recommend that you close out of all sessions and tabs of the browser and reopen a new session to try logging in again. If the issue still persists, please call support for assistance.



1. Click the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner of the browser.

2. Hover your mouse over the word History, which opens another drop-down menu.

3. Click the word History, which displays at the top of the new drop down.

4. On the next page, click Clear Browsing Data on the left hand side of the page.

A new box displays.

5. Make sure the time frame is “All Time” and that all three of the boxes are checked.

6. Select Clear Data.


1. Click the 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner of the browser.  Click Options

2. Click on the Privacy & Security section on the left hand side of the screen.

3. Click on the Clear History button.

4. On the dialogue box that populates, Select “Everything” in the Time Range to clear drop down menu and make sure the first 5 options are selected, then Click Clear Now.


1. Click the gear symbol in the top right corner of the browser.

2. Click Internet Options.

3. Look for the section called Browsing History and click the Delete button.

4. Make sure the first four boxes are checked.

5. Click the Delete Button



1. Click the History tab from the top menu.

2. Select Clear History and Website Data…

3. Choose the time range that you wish to clear (most likely, this is the all history option).

4. Click Clear History.


1. Click on the 3 Horizontal Dots in the top right corner of the browser.


2. Click on Settings.


3. Scroll down and look for the section called Clear Browsing Data.


4. Click on Choose What to Clear.

5. Choose what information you would like to clear from the browser. Microsoft Edge automatically checks the first 4 boxes. That will be all you need to clear from the history



6. Click Clear.


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