What To Expect with iGO e-Signature

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Below is a breakdown of what your clients should expect from the e-Signature process, including who the email will come from, what the subject of the email will be, and what is in the body of the email.


Who the Email is From

The email will be from the agent.

Note: This email is not connected with the agent’s email provider. It will simply state the agent’s name.


The Subject of the Email

The subject may vary slightly by carrier, but will always contain a call to action with the name of the carrier.


The Body of the Email

The body of the email contains the following:

1. A message with instructions (which cannot be altered by the agent). Some carriers grant agents the ability to add a customized message in addition to the standardized instructions.

2. A direct link to e-Sign the application, as shown by the “Access your Application” button in the screenshot below). Please note that this link will direct the client to a login/verification screen. Most carriers require the last 4 digits of the client’s SSN.

3. A direct link to the agent’s email.

Note: Please do not have your clients reply directly to this email. It does not have the ability to receive communications.


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